chain ranch

Chain Ranch

The Challenge

Newly Hutchison of Chain Ranch is an advertising client in one of the magazines BluePrint Media produces who was looking for some additional outbound marketing assistance. Having developed a strong working relationship with the BluePrint ad designer, he asked if there was more we could do – and the relationship expanded. As his needs increased, he continued to ask if BluePrint could assist with his outbound marketing, including flyers, banners, additional advertisements and their sale catalogs.

The Solution

BluePrint was able to expand on the relationship already established with Mr. Hutchison and create marketing materials for different purposes, including:

  • Flyer for the 2016 Chain Ranch Red Dirt Sale that was mailed to their prospective customer list.
  • Pop-up banners to promote their ranch at livestock shows.
  • Chain Ranch advertisements for Red Angus Magazine, Oklahoma Cowman and additional publications.
  • Great Plains 2017 sale flyer promoting area Red Angus sales.
  • Created a new look for their 2018 Red Dirt Fall Production Sale catalog. BluePrint carried this look into their promotional ads and then again with the 2019 spring bull and 2019 fall production sales.
  • Flyers for their Damar Mimi bull to promote the sire in 2019 and 2020.

The Success

BluePrint has helped Chain Ranch design and utilize creative and impactful imagery for their marketing materials. The seedstock marketing space is crowded, so a consistent message and identity helps an operation stand out from the rest. The designs and messaging that BluePrint creates for Chain Ranch solidifies their brand and effectively carries their message. We are also able to create digital versions of the Chain Ranch catalogs and host them in the cloud so that they are available to current and prospective clients.

As Mr. Hutchison’s needs and marketing strategy expand, BluePrint will be able to build on this base and create additional outbound marketing pieces that meet his needs, goals and objectives.

Case Study Type: Outbound Marketing
chain ranch



  • Helped Chain Ranch grow and expand their marketing materials as their operation grew.
  • Developed a base design and brand identity that were utilized in future marketing pieces.
  • Provided ads to other publications to maintain consistency and quality standards.
  • Produced digital versions of all materials for expanded use.

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