Lowell Baier Website

Lowell E. Baier

The Challenge

Lowell E. Baier (author, conservationist, historian, lawyer), came to BluePrint for help in marketing his latest book, Saving Species on Private Lands. He wanted to reach a specific audience – private landowners who have agriculture, recreation or private enterprises on their property – who would benefit from the wealth of information and resources in his book. Standard outbound marketing such as an advertising campaign or direct mail would be costly and likely would not net any sales. We suggested an inbound marketing strategy that would not only focus on marketing his current book but would capitalize on the entire body of work that he had written and continues to build. Saving Species on Private Lands hit the shelves just about the time that COVID-19 hit the United States, so content marketing became even more important and relevant.

The Solution

BluePrint developed a marketing strategy to focus on appealing to the specified target audience – private landowners. The strategy had a four-prong approach:

  • Create a brand identity for Lowell E. Baier and Saving Species on Private Lands, including a logo, color palette, and standard design elements to use in all promotional materials.
  • Develop a website that would be a resource center for information about the book and any additional work from Mr. Baier.
  • Execute a public relations campaign to reach the media representing the target audience.
  • Execute a social media campaign to engage the public with Mr. Baier on his books and other bodies of work.

Mr. Baier had very specific ideas about his brand identity that we were able to expand into all the necessary elements and use in all promotional materials. It’s always enjoyable working with a client who knows what they want and yet are open to input, ideas and stepping outside their comfort zone – and Mr. Baier was just that!

For the website, keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) were conducted to ensure that the content we were creating resulted in inbound traffic and getting the Lowellebaier.com website first on search engine results page (SERP). BluePrint Media wrote and distributed a series of press releases to get the word out about the book, and set up social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

The Success

Within a week of the site being launched, Lowellebaier.com it landed on first page SERP for Lowell E. Baier, which was no easy feat considering his well established and lengthy career. The site garnered praise from his colleagues, and the promotional campaign resulted in media interviews and article placement in key publications. While promotions have been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, additional activities are planned for when the news cycle is a bit more open to topics addressed in the book.

Case Study Type: Inbound/Content Marketing
Lowell Baier Website



  • Brand identity created and used in all promotional material.
  • Creation of com website to showcase and promote Mr. Baier’s body of work.
  • Press releases and feature stories written and distributed to large press list.
  • Social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

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