Commerce Website Case Study

Diamond J Wagyu

The Challenge

Diamond J is a family-run operation that recently began producing and selling Wagyu freezer beef. Prior to developing their online platform, they marketed their beef solely through word-of-mouth in their local area. We were tasked with developing a website for their company that would provide them with a platform to tell their story and expand their customer reach by providing an online storefront.

The commerce site needed to showcase their products while being user-friendly for both customers ordering product and the client fulfilling orders. They also wanted to offer custom shipping options for those requesting local delivery. Last, the client wanted a way to keep customers updated on business happenings.

The Solution

We follow a progressive, systematic process to build functional, effective and creative websites. We like to compare constructing a website to building a custom house. Laying the groundwork is essential, so we start with an in-depth questionnaire that helps us determine a client’s goals, likes, dislikes, preferences, etc.

Next comes the site structure and wire framing so we know what content is going to go where, much like designing the floorplan of the new house. We all need to know what goes where and if there are enough rooms, bathrooms and closets for all the content.

Simultaneously, we work with the client to create content for the site. This includes writing all copy to tell their story and planning out photo selection to help the products shine.

After that comes design development. We provide clients with a couple of design concepts to choose from and then work with them until they are happy with the site’s proposed appearance and functionality. In the case of Diamond J’s site, they were in the process of building their brand and needed to clearly define who they were through the website. They also needed room to grow since the site would attract new customers and expand their business.

The next step is the build – the fun part! We keep our clients engaged along the way as we build the site and, much like building that house, the client is key to selecting the details. During all our site builds, we remain flexible and fluid as the client comes up with new asks and we create innovative solutions.

Content population, browser testing, page optimization and other details round out the project. Once the site is launched, we provide client training to allow for a smooth transition into a fully functioning commerce site.

The Success

The Diamond J Wagyu website launched smoothly, featuring a clean design that lets their product truly shine. The site is easy to navigate and allows customers to seamlessly browse, shop and utilize coupon codes at checkout. In addition, BluePrint provided training so the client is able to manage orders, products and customer requests with ease. To address the desire to keep customers and site visitors up-to-date on their business, the website includes a blog, “Table Talk,” which the client can publish to regularly.

Overall, the Diamond J Wagyu website provides the client with a platform to share their story and promote their product while providing a great online buying experience for customers. The site is used in conjunction with social media to drive customers to their products; Diamond J has already experienced increased market reach with their ecommerce site.

Case Study Type: Commerce Website
Commerce Website Case Study


  • Design of a brand-new, responsive WordPress site using WooCommerce, featuring a clean design to allow products to shine.
  • Features a custom header image at the top of the homepage, immediately showcasing product.
  • Client provided high-quality product photos, a service also offered by BluePrint to clients, creating a cohesive look throughout site.
  • Created a pop-up form displayed on visitor’s initial visit to capture potential customer contact information and allowing the client to build an email database for marketing.
  • Website allows customers to create accounts to make repeat buying easier and features an easy set-up for adding coupon codes or special promotions and custom shipping functions to account for local delivery.
  • Includes a blog for the client to update customers and site visitors on business happenings.
  • Provided a domain-based email, adding to professionalism of site.
  • Connected to client’s existing third-party payment processor account.
  • Set-up analytics to track site traffic.

We have utilized BluePrint Media to develop websites and a social media strategy for Stroup Feeders, our commercial cattle feeding business and Diamond J Wagyu, our retail meat business. We are extremely pleased with their work and professionalism. It is nice to work with people who know the beef business and can speak the language of beef producers.

Steve Stroup, Owner, Diamond J Wagyu