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Learn how the Santa Gertrudis Breeders International website came to life.

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BluePrint Media provides editing, design and magazine publishing services for our monthly publication, Nebraska Cattleman. The BluePrint team is a well-oiled machine we have relied on for many years.

Mike Fitzgerald, Former Editor, Nebraska Cattleman

Beef industry interest in the Santa Gertrudis genetic package has grown substantially over the last 5 to 8 years, and much of this success must be attributed to SGBI’s partnership with BluePrint Media.

John Ford, Executive Director 2010-2020 (retired), Santa Gertrudis Breeders International

When our [newsletter] schedule and production needs changed during recent disruption in our industry, BluePrint answered with speed and flexibility. It’s great to know they’ve got our back!

Bob Mariano, Director of Marketing, Superior Farms

With so many ways to communicate to our diverse demographic membership, BluePrint has helped us hone the right message and media strategy for the different platforms.

Melody Benjamin, Vice President of Member Service, Nebraska Cattlemen

What a wonderful experience we have had with the [BluePrint Media] team during the journey of producing my father’s book.

Nancy (Matsushima) Oliver and John Matsushima, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Sciences

We are extremely pleased with [BluePrint’s] work and professionalism. It is nice to work with people who know the beef business and can speak the language of beef producers.

Steve Stroup, Owner, Stroup Feeders and Diamond J Wagyu

Relinquishing control of the magazine was a difficult decision, but the results were and remain extraordinary. The first issue produced by the BluePrint team was profitable for the association and every issue since has generated income.

John Ford, Executive Director 2010-2020 (retired), Santa Gertrudis Breeders International